Virtual Tasting with Akash Winery: 1 Box of 21 HandCrafted Chocolates good for (6-7 people)



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Experience the ultimate virtual tasting with Akash Winery & Vineyard & Venecacao Chocolateria.  As Chocolatiers we have created the perfect combination of chocolate (bonbon) to pair well with Akash Winery selected bottles (wine sold separately) appreciate a good quality handcrafted chocolate, made exclusively for you with the finest cacao in distinguished forms and shapes, with an incredible combination of fillings in a luxurious presentation and an unforgettable taste.  This package is good for up to 7 people it includes 21 pieces of handcrafted bonbon chocolates with one chocolate to pair with each bottle up to 7 people, instruction inside the chocolate box to follow during virtual tasting.

You can purchase your chocolate with us and to purchase your wine please visit Akash Winery